A blog dedicated to the kinda obscure cult classic videogame series Boktai/Bokura no Taiyou/Lunar Knights. Lets help the sun of our fanbase grow brighter and may the sun be forever in your hearts!

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Ok, so these are kinda late because I was out most of the day, but here are some things I quickly did for today

Artist: Norihiko Hibino
Track: "Hunting Mansion: Forecourt"


Lunar Knights | Hunting Mansion: Forecourt


Track: "Otenko's "The sun will rise tomorrow.""

Track: "Zazie's "A sunflower holds it's head up high!""

Track: "Zazie's "Ready?""

Track: "Otenko's "May the Sun be with you!""

Track: "Lita's "Welcome back.""

Track: "Django and Sabata's "Our sun.""

Track: "Sabata's "Queeeeeen!!""